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Why is this site different>
The Name Cougar Is always hundting for high quality .com domain names. He uses a number of special purpose software programs, and searches a variety of lists to find names that he can acquire. Most of the names are transferred into the Baronets domain portfolio, but sometimes he will alert an organisation to the availability of a domain name. This contact will be a single event unless he receives a request for a continuation of the contact. This site is intended to reassure recipients of an email message, that they will not receive further mail, and they have not been added to an email list. You do not need to take any action if you do not want any future contact.

Have you received an email from me?
If you have come here because I have sent you an email, then I should like to apologise for the intrusion. I will have sent the mail because I hoped the suggested domain name is useful for your business. You will not have been added to any email lists, and I will not contact you again. If the name is of interest, then the domain URL will take you to a contact and offer page. I have placed a button below so that you can find out a little more about me. I have also listed a few of the names from my large portfolio of keyword and brandable names.

An important security warning
I do not include any clickable links in my emails from the Name Cougar. The only link will be in plain text, and will consist of a simple domin name with no qualifications. Please copy the text string and paste it into your browser omnibar. The email will have been sent from, and no other email address will be used. There are no valid inbound addresses, all mail sent to this domain will be sent to the "black hole". Please ensure that any mail received conforms to this pattern.

A few of the names from my portfolio

How to contact me

Our contact ticket system

We are now part of the Baronets contact management system, and you can leave messages or purchase requests through that system. Please use the system by clicking this link >>>> Baronets domain management support

Another method is to contact me through the Name Silo market place.

The Name Cougar is part of the Baronets domain investment service. Baronets was set up in November 2002 as a private domain management service.